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Every year companies spend billions of dollars on advertising to ensure that their products and services reach the masses. With the rise of direct marketing, companies have realized that for less money they can ensure significantly more profit. Here at PTM Consulting we are the best of the best in the direct marketing and sales arena and have the clientelle and the credentials to back our multi-million dollar operation.



Year after year, statistical data shows that direct marketing is not only the most effective, but also the most profitable form of marketing.  We don't solely rely on the industry statistics, we treat every client relationship uniquely.  Our relationships with our clients transcend the the mundane act of residual transactions.  We provide our clientele with full confidence in the deal, beyond the contracts.  At PTM Consulting, we value moral fibre just as we do sales.  With our industry leading QC (quality control) department, we ensure that our sales are as morally beneficial in the customer acquisitions aspect as they are in the sales profit aspect.  We also provide payroll services to our clients that utilizes the latest and most efficient payroll strategies in regards to both hardware and software.

PTM Consulting is the industry standard for direct marketing.  The company was formed in 2001, and has since been operating at the golden standard of the industry.  PTM Consulting takes pride in setting new standards and breaking records.  With more than seven hundred representatives and fifty plus managers, PTM commands the largest and most effective sales force in the industry.  Our sales force consists of agents who are proficiently trained in quality control, thus the legalities of the direct marketing industry are commonplace.





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